Social media will increase online presence and website ranking

Modern advertising must include social media.  Social media must be employed for the whole digital marketing experience.  From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and beyond, all social media matters.  Your clients are using social media and you should too.  Social media permits you to give updates about your business, promotions, success stories, or entertaining features that get people talking.  Best of all, you can also grow your website's ranking on search engines by linking your social media accounts.  However, social media does not begin and end with the most popular social media sites.  Digital marketing also requires a business to Blog and regularly update the digital world about their business. Contact our digital marketing experts regarding a plan that would work for you and grow your business.

At Dingo Dog Design we can help small businesses set up all their digital marketing needs.  From creating a blog to even writing and updating a blog, we can do all of this.  We can also set up all of your social media sites and directly connect a blog to your social media so one simple blog update will land on all of your social media sites.  We know you are too busy running your business to concentrate on social media and blogging, so talk to us about how we can help.  Your online presence can benefit from our experience and expertise.  

Our focus on website design is simple, beautiful and effective.  We want the webpage to look attractive and keep potential customers on the site longer.  We also design pages to be easy to navigate and most importantly, friendly to search engines.  We can meet all of your needs.  Find out more on our website page.

Dingo Dog Design is serious about business.  Your business.  Our founders have been successful business people for decades and understand that business will not be successful unless potential customers or clients know about your business.  That is our job and it is what we do well.  Our job is very simple, to promote your business with an exceptional online presence. The new age has begun and our digital marketing experts will help your business grow.

Our digital marketing professionals primary function is to improve your internet exposure through a number of creative and strategic practices that guarantees greater online presence.  Such strategies begin with a clean and functional webpage.  Web page design doesn't need to be complicated to be successful.  Webpages need to be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.  Just as important, your website must be search engine friendly. All of the major search engines, most notably and importantly Google, focus on the user experience and rank websites higher if they provide a superior user experience.  We know this and as a result ensure that our websites are well laid out, have plenty of information but remain attractive, and have resources and downloadable information for the user.  This is one of many reasons why our websites rank so well.

Once you have your website up and running the next job is to get it exposed quickly.  Our experts in Search Engine Optimization in Bellingham, WA, will meticulously craft well written pages with the correct keywords your company needs to be found.  We will then work at linking your website to the internet and social media.

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Mobilize your website

In today's digital world your online presence must include mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets (like the iPad).  It is expected that in 2015 more people will use mobile devices to search the web than the traditional desktop computer.  If your website is not mobile compatible then you cannot compete in this rapidly changing digital world.  All of our websites are mobile device compatible, which means that appear differently on a smart phone or tablet. Such compatibility makes the website easier to view and increases user satisfaction.  Guess what?  Google likes this too and ranks these websites higher!

Website & Digital marketing packages


user friendly websites

It is good to rank high on all search engines. Actually it is absolutely critical for your business to rank as high as it can. Google places a high priority in ranking websites on how user friendly the website is. Emphasis is therefore given to making each of our websites as user friendly as possible.  This includes making the website content concise and well written,  making navigation around the website easy for the user, and speeding up your site so it downloads quickly.  In making your website user friendly you will rank higher and guess what, viewers will probably stay on your website longer, therefore improving business.

Proper search engine optimization creates higher ranking websites

With Dingo Dog Design all SEO work performed is natural, organic and is planned around long-term results. We help your business by maximizing exposure on all search engines.  We offer the best Search Engine Optimization that works.  Find out more by looking at our SEO Page.


We focus on driving online traffic to your website, blog, or social media pages.  Maximum exposure is our goal and this can be accomplished through cross-pollination of all online resources.  As a business owner, you need more sales, more qualified leads, and greater visibility. We can help.  Learn more on our Digital Marketing page.

affordable Small business videos

Dingo Dog Design finishes off the perfect small business digital marketing package with explainer videos.  Explainer videos are short, catchy, entertaining videos that explain your business or how you can help your clients.  These videos are displayed on your website and on other social media platforms, such as YouTube.  In turn these videos link back to your website providing a valuable link which enhances your website's visibility to search engines and results in higher rankings.  Also important is that videos provide great user experiences and higher retention of possible clients. Regardless of whether you live near us, in Bellingham, Washington, or across the earth, Dingo Dog Design a digital marketing company, can help.  Contact us today!